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AHS festive party

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AHS Trustee Chloe. Statue in Tamworth. Tamworth's Toolbox. Stuart and Will from Warwick. El presidente Norman.
Chris and Liz. Liz and Chris. Liz. Norman. Richie from Oxford paying Extreme Jenga.
Stuart from Warwick playing Extreme Jenga. Liz playing Extreme Jenga. Tried to get a photo of Chloe passed out, she woke up just in time though. Liz posing. Will from Warwick.
Our beloved founder, Chris. Will's Russian vodka. Party host and AHS secretary, Jenna. Jenna and Chloe.
Liz posing again. Will and Liz. Will stabs Liz with an arrow in her sleep. Norm at the Weatherspoon's recovery breakfast the day after.

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