Special Events

At Leeds Atheist Society, there are two events that stand out above all the others!  Our new charity week, non-prophet week, and the society’s flagship event Reason Week.

Reason Week

Rationalist Week 2008 The flagship event of each year is our week long awareness event, Reason Week. It’s held towards the end of the year and it’s essentially a celebration of everything that has happened in the previous year as well as raising the profile of the society. Every year we do something bigger and better;  what’s going to make this year special is that it will be a project for the whole society to get involved in!  We’ll be starting the planning meetings for this early so there’s plenty of time to make this the best Reason Week ever! Information on past Reason Weeks is available here

Non-Prophet Week

it is often suggested that atheist are an uncharitable bunch! Here at Leeds Atheist Society we actively challenge that with the charity work we do!

Non-Prophet Week is a national initiative. During this week atheist societies are encouraged to raise money for their charity of choice. There’s competition element too, we compete with all the other AHS societies, last year Leeds came a disappointing  third place!

Photos from the last NPW can be seen here on the AHS website.