2009/2010 Committee

Sophie Stringfellow Sophie Stringfellow
Position: President
Beliefs: Humanist
Degree: English

Sophie has been an ‘out’ atheist for the past year since meeting the committee and realising that there could not possibly be a god. As president of the society it is Sophie’s job to lead fron the front, chairing meetings and generally being the poster child for the society.

Tom Leadbeather Tom Leadbeather
Position: Secretary
Beliefs: Atheist
Degree: Politics & Parliamentary Studies

Being inspired by the magnificent A-Soc freshers’ stall Tom, joined the society. Having served a year as the AHS representative has has now taken over as the society’s secretary dealing with membership records, administration, paperwork and general secretary type issues.

Zoltan Connell Zoltan Connell
Position: Treasurer
Beliefs: Atheist
Degree: Georgraphy with Transport Studies

At first Zoltan seems an obsessive wierdo who fits into the sterotype of a potential serial killer. But once you get to know him you will realise that in spite of this he is a really cool guy. He is the point of contact for all things finance and sponsorship related.

Our Officers

Chris Worfolk Chris Worfolk
Position: Vice President
Beliefs: New Atheist
Degree: Computing

Chris founded the society and served as president for the first two years. Throughout his time he lead the society through four awareness weeks, over one hundred weekly talks and debates and a variety of other events. He now handles the day to day running and administration of the society.

Rosie Price Rosie Price
Position: Humanist Chaplain
Beliefs: Atheist
Degree: Neuroscience

Having seen Rationalist Week 2008, Rosie knew A-Soc was a society she wanted to be involved with. In her own words “the thing that struck me about A-soc is how accepting it is, whatever your beliefs or background, you are welcome.” She now works to provide pastoral care for non-belivers on campus.

Norman Ralph Norman Ralph
Position: AHS Representative
Beliefs: Rationalist
Degree: Computing & Management

Norm previous served as president of the society and now represents us on a national level as the AHS representative. A keen debater, Norm is always prepared to speak his mind on all things.

Our Coordinators

Jonni Lomax Jonni Lomax
Position: Meetings Coordinator
Beliefs: Atheist
Degree: Physics

It’s fair to say that reading physics is a pretty hard degree. Yet somehow Jonni manages to find time to do his degree work as well as working and sitting on the A-Soc committee! It’s Jonni’s job to ensure that everything runs smoothly on a Tuesday night for our regular meetings and socials.

John Salter John Salter
Position: Courses Coordinator
Beliefs: Atheist
Degree: Philosophy & Artificial Intelligence

Heroic. Valiant. Brave. These are just some of John’s characteristics in Azeroth and many of them carry over into the real world too. John is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly for the various courses we run including One Life and Perspective.

Nicola Jackson Nicola Jackson
Position: Interfaith Coordinator
Beliefs: Atheist Jew
Degree: Biological Sciences

Looking for a quieter life Nicola left the bright lights of Barnsley to read for a degree in biological sciences at Leeds. Having served as secretary Nicola now handles all our interfaith events.

Laura Glendinning Laura Glendinning
Position: Campaigns Coordinator
Beliefs: Atheist
Degree: Microbiology

A passionate atheist, Laura has taken up the new committee position of campaigns coordinator which focuses on running our various political campaigns as well as running the societies awareness events and activities.