Our Principles

These are some the principles that the society feel is important and we aim to uphold.

Speak out

Freedom of expression is very important to us. Some views may be right, some views may be wrong but regardless, if we are to grant true freedom of expression we must grant both. We will not shy away from controversial topics – we will be an open floor for debate. We aim to encourage discussions between faith and non-faith groups wherever possible but we will also speak out when we need to.

Everyone welcome

We don’t care if you’re an agnostic. A New Atheist. A Christian. A Jew. Any religion at all in fact. Everyone is welcome. We’re a forum for debate on religion and it’s hard to have any real debate when you’re not open to everyone.

Professional and reliable

You pay us a membership fee for the year, so you are our customers!  We’ll make every effort to ensure we are providing value for your money.  If you feel the society is not doing this, please feel free to let us know by contacting us or talking to us at an event.