1. Name, aims and objectives
    1. The name of the society shall be the Atheist Society, hereafter referred to as the society.
    2. The society will also be known as Leeds Atheist Society and LUU Atheist Society.
    3. The aims of the society shall be as follows:
      1. To represent the rationalists, secularists and atheists on campus.
      2. To promote rationalist thinking.
      3. To provide an environment for secular discussion.
    4. The society will not be affiliated with any society or organisation other than those approved by the committe.
  2. Membership regulations
    1. All members shall be required to pay an LUU membership fee decided by the society Officers.
    2. All members shall be entitled to some or all of the privileges.
    3. Any member may be suspended from any or all of the privileges of the society, including membership of it, for any period by a decision by the committee.
    4. The Societies Officer shall be an ex officio a full member of the society and act as a signatory on the society’s bank mandate.
    5. Full membership may be granted to members of the Union, and they shall be entitled to all privileges in 3.
    6. Associate membership may be granted to non-members of the Union subject to the approval of the society committee and they shall be entitled to privilege 3.1 only.
    7. Honorary Life Membership may be granted to a person that the society wishes to honour for services to the society and they shall be entitled to privilege 3.1 only and shall pay no fee.
    8. Alumni membership may be granted to anyone who was previously a full member. They will pay a separate fee as set by the society officers and will only be entitled to privileges 3.1 and 3.4.
  3. Membership privileges
    1. To attend all meetings.
    2. To vote on all questions of policy within the society.
    3. To propose or second candidates for election to the society committee.
    4. To vote for such officers as are nominated for election.
    5. To hold office on and stand for election to the society committee providing they are willing to uphold the aim of the society.
  4. Committee Composition
    1. The committee shall consist of three Officers and any other posts that are required.
    2. The committee shall be elected by the society at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting which must be held before May 1st.
    3. Newly elected society committee members must assume their responsibilities within three weeks of being elected.
  5. Committee Convocation
    1. The decisions made at committee meetings must be made available on the society notice board or via the website.
  6. Committee Duties
    1. To uphold the aims of the society.
    2. To ensure the good running of the society.
    3. To inform any suspended or expelled member of their rights of appeal through Union Structures.
  7. Committee Powers
    1. To manage the society on behalf of its members and in accordance with the stated aims and objectives.
    2. To suspend any member from any or all privileges of the society, including membership of it, for any period. This requires the approval of two committee members for suspending non-committee members and two thirds of the committee for suspending committee members.
  8. Officers
    1. Officers must be full society members who are also Student Ordinary Members of the Union.
    2. The three Officers shall be signatories appearing on the society bank mandate.
    3. The Officers shall be president, treasurer and secretary.
  9. Duties of all Officers
    1. To attend the Union Annual General Meeting.
    2. To be a signatory of the society bank account.
    3. Failure to fulfil these duties may result in a motion of no-confidence and removal of office by the society executive.
  10. Duties of the President
    1. To organise and oversee the running of the society.
    2. To chair committee meetings.
    3. To produce an annual report.
  11. Duties of the Treasurer
    1. To be responsible for the finances of the society.
    2. To maintain up-to-date accounts.
    3. To submit applications to the societies executive.
    4. To produce a yearly report and a yearly budget.
    5. To submit a detailed statement of accounts for the year to the society Annual General Meeting.
    6. To attend treasurer training.
  12. Duties of the Secretary
    1. To maintain membership records containing at least the name and Union card number of all society members.
    2. To maintain a written record of all committee meetings and make minutes from the meetings available.
    3. To maintain an up-to-date copy of the society constitution.
  13. Finance
    1. The society shall be a constituent part of the Union and thus subject to the rulings of the Union Council.
    2. The society finances and bank accounts shall be under the ultimate control of Union Council.
    3. The society shall have a bank account at a bank approved by Union Council.
    4. The society shall keep full, up-to-date accounts of its finances.
    5. At least two Officers’ signatures shall be required to make payments from the society account.
    6. The society must produce on request, a detailed statement of accounts to the Societies & Events Officer or Societies Funding Committee.
    7. The assets or liabilities of the society shall remain with the society regardless of any committee changes.
    8. The Officers shall accept full administrative and financial responsibility for the society.
    9. Committee members shall not receive financial payment as a result of their position on the committee.
    10. Committee members shall be reimbursed for any expenditure on behalf of the society only after submitting a receipt to the Treasurer.
    11. In the event of dissolution or abolition of the society its assets will revert to the Union.
  14. Annual General Meetings
    1. The Societies Executive may, at its discretion, send an observer to General Meetings.
    2. Notice of General Meetings must be posted forteen days before the date of the meeting.
    3. Business for discussion at the General Meeting must be submitted at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting.
    4. The agenda for General Meetings must be posted four days before the date of the meeting.
    5. The quorum for all General Meetings shall be one third of all the full members.
    6. The president shall chair all General Meetings.
    7. Voting shall be by show of hands of secret ballot, and decisions will be made by simple majority.
    8. If any member moves no confidence in the Chair, a vote shall be taken immediately.
    9. If a motion of no confidence in the Chair is passed, a new Chair will be elected by the meeting.
    10. The Annual General Meeting shall be held between 1st March and 30th April inclusive.
    11. The order of business shall be president’s report, financial report, constitutional amendments, elections, any other business.
    12. If an Annual General Meeting is declared inquorate, it must adjourn to be reconvened within ten working days.
    13. The society must submit to Societies Executive the full agenda and minutes of their Annual General Meeting.