Charity Work

We’re not just a society that talks about living a good and moral life without god: we actually get out there and do charitable work!

Community action

We have close links with a local humanist charity group called the Humanist Action Group or HAGs.  They do things like feeding the homeless in Leeds, organising blood drives and graffiti clean up.

If this something you’re interested in you can find out more about the Humanist Action Group on their website.

Non-Prophet Week

Amnesty International talk about the good work they do Over the years the society has raised money for a number of different societies including Unicef, WaterAid and Amnesty International.

In 2011, the AHS ran their first Non-Prophet Week, which Leeds was a participant in. During this week atheist societies are encouraged to raise money for their charity of choice. There’s competition element too, we compete with all the other AHS societies, last year Leeds came a disappointing  third place!