2006/2007 Committee

Chris Worfolk Chris Worfolk
Position: President
Beliefs: New Atheist
Degree: Computing

Chris founded the society at the end of 2006 and continues to lead it with passion and enthusiasm. He describes himself as a New Atheist much like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins, having developed a strong interest in theology over recent years and never missing a Christian Union lunch bar. He is currently studying for an undergraduate degree in computing and is planning to move into world domination after graduation. Chris is a good person to contact if you have queries about the society as he will be able to answer them or at very least direct you to the relevant person within the society.

Matt Revell Matt Revell
Position: Secretary
Beliefs: Atheist
Degree: Computing

Matt is a founding committee member of the society. He is a passionate idealist also being involved in the on campus socialist movements and not afraid to speak his mind while at the same time helping to keep the society in check and make sure we don’t push things too far. He is reading for a degree in Computing.

Claire Brampton Claire Brampton
Position: Treasurer
Beliefs: Born Again Atheist
Degree: Contemporary Art Practice

While we probably don’t need to introduce Claire as she knows pretty much everyone in Leeds, she is a contemporary arts practice student who focuses on visual art and optical illusions. She also has a strong interest in manga and previously served as treasurer of Anime Soc. She is your contact for anything to do with society finances.