Cafe Psychologique: Mindfullness

We return to Chapel Allerton for another event in the Cafe series, this time on psychology. Lying on a couch is not compulsory!

Chat and think over a drink. Café Psychologique builds on the idea of the Café Scientifique movement and other Cafés such as Café Philosophique. This month, Mindfulness, introduced by psychologist, Dr Kamila Hortynska.

There are two main differences: first while other Cafés are about ideas, Café Psychologique is about people’s lives approached through the ideas of psychology, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Second, although the Café is convened by a Group Analyst (a psychoanalyst who specialises in running groups) and resourced by experts in psychology and psychotherapy, there are no long presentations. Rather, the conversation is driven by the participants in the Café and the areas they want to discuss, based around the theme of that particular meeting.

People are free to talk about whatever they want, and the art of Group Analysis is to recruit the resource provided by the group to enable exploration and discovery, whether discussing relationships, creativity, ageing, sex, parenthood, consumerism, the arts, death or cricket. Change happens through conversation.

Entry is £3.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012 19:40


Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton


We advise that attendees arrive by 7:00pm to order food, and 7:40pm to obtain a seat.