Youtube Night

Movie night with a twist! Submit your favourite clips from YouTube, TED, FORA, IQ2 or other places and share them with fellow atheists & humanists on the night!

Be inventive, we’re an open minded group with a range of interests not just in religion but also evolution, neuroscience, psychology, politics, philosophy – anything interesting, funny, touching, moving or inspiring!

5-10 minute clips, if your video is longer than that then please specify a segment of it (i.e. – play from 2.05 to 4.10). The best clips will receive a PRIZE!

Just a few suggestions, highlights from Dawkins/Dennett/Hitchens/Harris debates, funny creationist propaganda, inspiring TED talks (, classic clips from movies such as Life of Brian or TV series -this is a community-powered night so we’re relying on some fantastic submissions to make it work!

Drinks & refreshments available Have a break from exam revision and come down

Invite your friends, non-members & new faces more than welcome


Tuesday, 8 May 2012 19:00


Baines Wing 1.14