Annual General Meeting

The official end of the year for Leeds Atheist Society. The current committee will deliver their end of year reports and the new committee will be elected.

1. Meeting Open (president)
2. Ratification of last year’s minutes (Will Noble).
3. President’s Report (James Murray)
4. Treasurer’s Report (Elettra Rastelli)
5. Constitutional Amendments:
Proposer: Will Noble
i. Insert into Section 1 (“Names, Aims, and Objectives”)
e) The society is affiliated with:
(i) Leeds University Union (LUU)
(ii) The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist, and Secular Student Societies (AHS)
(iii) The National Secular Society (NSS)
(iv) The British Humanist Association (BHA)
ii. Insert Section 15, “Constitutional provisions”
a) Any article of this constitution which contravenes the LUU bye-laws will be rendered inoperable.
b) Amendments to §1e (“Affiliations”), and amendments to fix errors in formatting, spelling, grammar, or syntax may be
c) All other amendments must be made with the consent of the committee, without a vote of the whole society.approved by a majority vote at a General Meeting.
6. Election of Committee
i. Election of the President
ii. Election of the Secretary
iii. Election of the Treasurer
iv. Election of other Officers
7. Any Other Business


Tuesday, 24 April 2012 19:00


Baines Wing 1.14