How to be a Psychic Con-Man

Leeds Skeptics.

Ash Pryce, founder and President of the Edinburgh Skeptics Society,
presents a fully interactive demonstration of various tricks that
psychics have used over the years.

From the Fox Sisters through to Uri Geller, psychics have been
claiming to be able to do things beyond our understanding, but Ash
Pryce knows better. Nearly all of the major claims of psychics and
mediums can easily be re-created and tonight Ash will be reproducing
such famous feats as Uri Geller's Telekinesis, Philipino Psychic
Surgery, the Remote Viewing experiments of America's "Stargate"
program (The 70s CIA shenanigans and not the inter dimensional,
Go-aould busting kind)and much more- including an attempt to beat the
odds of the Randi Million.

A fun, entertaining and magic filled evening that also takes a look at
the history of psychic trickery and how it has become such a popular
phenomenon. Warning to those on the front row - there will be blood...


Saturday, 18 September 2010 14:00


Mr Foley's