Zoltan's jailbreak

I am improbably imprisoned in the Parkinson Building. I have nothing but a 10 note in my pocket, and a bag with some nice warm pajamas for the following night wherever I end up and some tasty snacks.

I can't spend anything other than that 10 in cash, can't book anything or arrange any favours in advance. The only favours I'm allowed to accept are from strangers on the day. I can travel by whatever means I like. I can even attempt to avoid paying for public transport, but if I'm caught and the penalty takes me over 10, I lose all the miles from where I boarded and I can't go any further. I'm being sponsored per mile, as the crow flies from the Parkinson building, so the further I go, the more is raised.

I set off on MONDAY THE 23RD OF MARCH, bright and early at 6:30am, to make the most of the daylight. Any of the brave souls that want to be at my departure should be there at 6:15am, as I'm leaving promptly as the Parkinson tower shows 6:30. I have a small turnout agreed; please do come along if you're in Leeds - there will be chocolate - and then crawl back into bed as I brave Yorkshire and beyond. :)

I should be back in Leeds at about 10:30pm the next day, and I'll be heading straight for the Atheist Society social in the Terrace, so be there if you want to be regaled with exciting tales from my adventure.

Proof of where I've been is with pictures (at least two every hour including me with a sign indicating the final place I reach), any travel tickets and a signed note from anyone that's helped me out.

Periodic updates on my progress will probably be made on my twitter - @NQRW - through the day, so if you're on twitter and want to know how I'm getting along, follow me there.



Monday, 23 March 2009 06:15


Parkinson Building