Rationalist Week review

We will be meeting to review the success of the recently held Rationalist Week, work out what went well, what didn't and what we can do better next year.


Tuesday, 1 May 2007 18:00


Green Action Zone


Date: 01/05/2007

Time: 19:00

Location: Green Action Zone


Chris Worfolk (President), Norman Ralph (Secretary), Claire Brampton
(Treasurer), Sarann Hudgell (Social Sec.), Paul “Moz” and Paul.



1. Opening and Welcome
2. Apologies
3. Matters Arising
a. Committee Election Results
i. Norman Ralph elected to secretary to replace Matt Revell with immediate
ii. Sarann Hudgell elected to social secretary with immediate effect.
b. Constitutional Changes
i. All committee members to uphold the values and principles of Atheist
Society (see constitution and aims and objectives).
ii. Increased committee places to seven.
4. Rationalist Week Review
a. The positive points of the week were found to be:
i. Excellent publicity for the society
ii. Daytime talks were well received and had variety and interest to most
parties. Ask an Atheist and Student Testimonials were especially well
iii. The evening talks were hugely successful, especially the talk from Mike
Lake and the CU debate.
iv. Timing was good, April seems to be the best compromise between weather
and time to plan etc,
v. Friday’s all night debate was a highlight and was definitely a selling
point for the society.
b. Improvements and other comments:
i. More media coverage required.
ii. More food choices, including better vegetarian options.
iii. Over budget, need bigger budget/smaller ambitions.
iv. Timing? Would September/October be better?
v. Should we use the whole week or concentrate activities into three days.
vi. Generator – needs to be bigger and quieter.
vii. Storage – we need storage space as moving equipment from tent to
Ellerslie not possible next year.
5. Rockology
a. Sarann to find out about pricing, bar quotas and availability for
Strawbs, Subculture and Pulse.
b. Event to be provisionally held on 28th/29th May 2007.
6. AOB
a. Internal Debate 08/05/2007
i. Title to be “Do the benefits of religion outweigh the negatives?”
ii. Chris to find speakers (possibly Richard Parker for and Norman Ralph
b. CU Lunch Bar
i. 12pm Riley Smith Hall, LUU.
c. Riley’s
i. Friday 4th May at 7pm in Riley Smith Hall
ii. A-Soc nominated for Best Publicity.
d. Deloittes Sponsorship
i. Chris has applied on A-Soc’s behalf.
e. Saudi Arabian Society
i. Event focussing on how Islam affects their lives, Thursday 3rd May 2007
in Brotherton Foyer, 11am-5pm.
7. Close.

Next meetings:

08/05/2007 – Internal Debate (6pm, Green Action Zone)