We only get one life so we believe it’s important to live every minute of it. At Leeds Atheist Society we hold at least one social every week all year round!

Weekly Social

Every week after our weekly meeting we head down to a bar for a few relaxed drinks to chat about life, the universe and everything and catch up on what we have been up to over the past week. We like to see what all of Leeds has to offer so our social venue changes weekly. Check our events timetable to find out where we are! Everyone is welcome, even if you don’t come to the meetings and there is usually some of us around until kick out time.

For recommendations of where to go when we don’t have any socials planned, check out the Leeds Restaurant Guide.

Trips Away

London 2007 We hold several big weekends away which is a fantastic opportunity to make lasting friendships and see new things. The society has an annual weekend away, last year we went to Edinburgh this year we will be hitting London!  There’s plenty of other opportunities to travel with the society, especially as we are affiliated with the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies so we organise trips to all of their events.

Nights Out

School Disco Every now and then we organise heavier nights out for those of our members that like to party hard. These include trips to the clubs in the city centre and student nights at the union we particulaly enjoy our monthly visits to the Wendyhouse.  We’ve also ran club nights now and then such as Rocky Horror Night and School Disco.

Special Events

Winter Solstice 2007Other the year we have several special celebrations such as Winter Solstice Meal to celebrate the end of semester one. We  have annual celebrations such as Darwin Day and Gallieo Day to recognise the contributions they made to our understanding of the universe!

Other Groups

There are other freethinking groups in Leeds such as Skeptics in the Pub and Humanist Society of West Yorkshire who are non student organisations but are still interesting to attend.  There’s always an A-soc contingent that head down to these.

Secular Ball

Winter Solstice 2007Like every society, we like to end the year with a bang!  Last year we hosted Secular Ball which was a fancy night out and end of year celebration for all the atheist groups in Yorkshire! It was amazing!