Tuesday Nights

Leeds Atheist Society is very active.  We hold events all year round, and at least three a week during term time!  The main meeting of the week is our Tuesday meeting.

We often get asked ‘So what does an atheist society do?’ Well we do an awful lot, we have almost 500 events in our database, here is a flavor of our events:

Debating the Theists 2008 talk Talks
Talks are regularly given to the society by guest speakers, each are experts in their area.  Most of our talks are about issues that religion would traditionally address: such as ethics, morality and our understanding of the universe!  We think that looking at these things from a secular viewpoint is far more interesting!  We also talk a lot about the religious-secularity  debate; and show how it is still very relevant in the UK and the rest of the world.

Flying Spaghetti Monster debate Debates
We provide a forum for lively and open debates, featuring a mixture of external debaters and our own members.  We hold several debates over the year, most are about secular issues, but plenty of other topics too.  We try and pick debates that will divide the society, because that’s far more exciting than a room full of people nodding in agreement!  Previous debate topics have included: ‘Should the UK Ban the Burka’, ‘Richard Dawkins: Positive or Negative?’ and (more lighthearted) ‘The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the One True God’!

2008 US election screening Film screenings
We occasionally screen films and documentaries that are of interest to our members.  Generally these are followed by a discussion so that we can address some of the points raised in the film.

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This is just a taste of what we do at our Tuesday night meetings. But there is far more to discover! Take a glance at the events timetable to see what events we have coming up in the near future. We are also at the pub after every Tuesday night meeting so why not come down for a drink and chat to a committee member about what we get up to.